A new start-up option amidst a poor economy

Amidst the global downturn, young workers are facing a bleak future under a '22k salary curse' that forces them to undertake part-time jobs for extra income. The annual industry survey report by the Fair Trade Commission shows a yearly increase in the output value of the marketing industry. In fact, marketing is flexible in time and low in cost. If you choose an excellent marketing company, you can let your income grow gradually as you improve your abilities through training so that you can advance your career further amidst a declining economy!

Honest management and fair reward are keys

A corporate culture of steady growth and honest management
  • We have been committed to honest management, stable growth, and zero-criticisms in the past 30 years.
  • We have branched out to six countries, and we are still continuing to expand our business.
Health and biotechnology industries are the mainstream
  • Doublecrane possesses 30 years of experience in lingzhi biotechnology that is unique in the world.
  • We have multiple patent applications for lingzhi production.
  • We implement stringent MIT control and management in the R&D, cultivation, production, and marketing of effective lingzhi species.
  • We are holders of four health food certifications which are endorsed for producing the safest and most effective lingzhi products by national government.
Fair, rich rewarding system
  • We give out nine types of bonuses and distribute a large amount of profit.
  • We give out leadership bonuses to anyone who is eligible, regardless of level.
  • We organise luxurious overseas trips for our distributors every year to realise their dream of travelling around the world.
  • We give out a million-dollar car every four years. We recognise distributors of the month, and reward them with million-dollar cars, and we distribute generous year-end bonuses.
  • We give out year-end bonuses.
A comprehensive, systematic training program
  • We implement a singular educational system, wherein we invest a substantial amount of resources and provide a simple yet replicable model for success.
  • We offer e-learning courses so that distributors can learn without interruptions anywhere and anytime.