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Taiwan Government-Guaranteed Quality

To ensure the safety and efficacy of our Lingzhi products, the Double Crane Divine Ganoderma and Shuang Hor Supreme Lingzhi have been manufactured professionally and obtained multiple healthy supplements certificates as well as recognition in domestic and foreign countries.


Taiwan health food certification
Immune modulation
Liver protection


Taiwan health food
Aging delay
Improved physical constitution of allergy


HALAL certificates



An All-in-One Station for Research, Development, Production, and Manufacturing of Lingzhi

  • 靈芝
  • 靈芝
  • 靈芝
  • 靈芝
  • 靈芝

From mushroom-growing houses to greenhouses, from outsourcing manufacturing to our own professional lingzhi production base, from historical records to scientific experiments, we persist in an all-in-one process to produce the safest, most effective products for you!

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Five Core beliefs to create a Perfect Paradise


We believe that the five core beliefs, " Offering Health, Offering Faith, Offering Hope, Offering Success and Offering Happiness ", when applied in people’s giving and taking activities will make for themselves a perfectly enriching life!

Words from Our CEO

Culture of Our Home

Five Core Values

With an unsurpassable advantage in lingzhi bio-technology, Doublecrane is definitely a company that is worth joining.


Doublecrane possesses globally-leading lingzhi bio-technologies and offers bonuses and welfares that are superior to its peers in the industry. Join us, the best entrepreneurial platform, to lead a better life!

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Dedication and Commitment in Lingzhi Product Enhancements!


Commitment to Safe and Healthy R&D

Doublecrane has been specialising in lingzhi for more than 30 years, upholding the spirit of innovation and improvement. Since the launch of the first lingzhi product to the present, we have been continuously researching and developing high-performance products through stringent quality control and management.




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Health drinks


Divine Ganoderma Skin Care


Cleaning Products


Double Crane Water Filter

Doublecrane Global

The love of health knows no borders - millions of people change for the better because of lingzhi

Doublecrane has branched out to 6 overseas locations, starting from Taiwan. Thanks to our Doublecrane lingzhi, millions of people are able to strive toward better new lives!

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No.68-16, Sec.3, Nanjing E.Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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